Seminar “Aware: when imprisonment damages mental health”

The Athens Lifelong Learning Institute is inviting you to the Seminar with title 
Aware: when imprisonment seriously damages mental health.

The aim of this seminar is to discuss the issues that relate to the non-discrimination and social integration of those who suffer the double challenge and stigma of both a criminal record and mental health problems. The seminar will cover a wide range of issues related to the need to raise awareness of this dual stigma and show how to refer and/or treat mental health issues. 

The seminar is part of the Erasmus + program titled “Aware: Cross-sectoral awareness on mental health issues both within the criminal justice system and after release”. The Aware program is coordinated by the Ministry of Justice of Bremen, Germany and involves seven (7) internationally recognized organizations such as the International Corrections and Prison Associations (ICPA) and the Innovative Prison Systems.

The Seminar will take place on Thursday, January 21, 2020, from 16.00 pm. and 19.00 p.m. through the online education platform of the Athens Lifelong Learning Institute.

All participants will be provided a Certificate of Attendance.

The trainer of the seminar is Ms. Olga Themeli, Associate Professor of Criminological Psychology at the University of Crete.

Who is it for: the seminar is addressed to people working in the Criminal Justice System, to competent public authorities and to other relevant stakeholders and NGOs. 

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