The Media Coach Seminar

The European Mediacoach Initiative aims to improve the skills of children and young people on issues related to the use of the new electronic media, with a special focus on the internet and the social media through the training of adults who have daily contact with them, such as their parents and teachers.
The Media Coach Seminars aim at the training of youth professionals, teachers, librarians, youth workers so that they become professional Media Coaches.

The seminars are provided free of charge to a total of 100 people. The seminars have a total duration of forty hours and are delivered in a ten-week period.


The BLENDI project aims to address students’ social and educational exclusion through the use of blended learning in schools. This will be achieved by developing and piloting a training course for teachers and an innovative digital toolkit that will empower educators in the use of blended learning for the inclusion of all students, particularly those from disadvantaged and migrant backgrounds.

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Our goals

Evolving, adapting and improving are the basic blocks of a more inclusive future

The Athens Lifelong Learning Institute is a research and education institute based in Athens, Greece. The Institute represents a unique integration of multidisciplinary expertise and ”innovative thinking” drawing on a comprehensive and diverse knowledge base, combining research methods, network development and policy analysis.  


Our aim is to enhance innovation processes mainly in the areas of lifelong learning, human capital development, labour markets and social inclusion in a local, national and European context. Our research teams specialize in the implementation of social research in the fields of social inclusion, human rights, active citizenship, the transformative effects of the new media technologies and other topics important for our society.

Focus on

An interdisciplinary approach to social innovation structured in four central areas: research, training, action and intervention and knowledge transfer.


Development of projects within the broad thematic spectrum related to the studies of social innovation, public innovation, innovation in work contests and educational settings.

Action And Intervention

Promotion of learning and experimentation processes that promote the identification and acquisition of skills, the generation and prototyping of solutions, always from the perspective of innovation.

Transfer Of Knowledge

Dissemination of experiences, reports and documents, scientific literature and networking.


The paramount focus on learning becomes action through a practical approach to achieve improvement

Our Priorities

Our Expertise Applies to Four Areas

Improving the terms for individuals and social groups to participate in society.


Providing psycho-social and training support to achieve integration.


The more pervasive the role of the new media inmodern society, the more it is imperative to identify and manage the development of new skills.


The cornerstone of Integration is the access to basic rights. By protecting individual, political and social rights we can achieve social cohesion.


The founding Principles of the Athens Lifelong Learning Institute

Our Activities


People Reached



~ 50

Events per year


Approval rate

Current Projects

What are we working on now
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