The Team

Athens Lifelong Learning Institute is a collective of amazing people striving to foster and enhance innovation processes mainly in the areas of education and lifelong learning, human capital development, knowledge society and social inclusion.

Our team is comprised of professionals in the fields of adult education, lifelong learning and human capital development which work together with the ultimate goal of human capital development and social inclusion in a local, national and European level.  People working or cooperating with the Athens Lifelong Learning Institute have provided the Institute with the energy and vision to continue promoting high quality services and new ideas in the fields of vocational training, adult education and social inclusion. Our team of 8 staff members represents a rather unique integration of multidisciplinary expertise and “innovative thinking” drawing on a comprehensive and diverse knowledge base combining research methods and their application, network development and implementation, policy analysis and valorisation of innovative practices; while, our team of 10 volunteers provide invaluable services in fields of employment, education, mentoring and social and psychosocial support. Moreover, the Institute has a large pool of expert associate partners [researchers, adult trainers and educators] from which it regularly draws professionals to staff the lifelong learning activities and its research projects.

Our team

A quick introduction to better understand who we are and which expertises we bring to the table

Ourania Xylouri


Ourania is a Founding Member and Director of the Athens Lifelong Learning Institute. 

She is responsible of strengthening the position of the Athens Lifelong Learning Institute as a national actor in the field of lifelong learning. She is therefore in charge of developing, planning, leading and implementing the strategy for the further development of the Institute, as a financially buoyant and long-term sustainable organisation.

She is responsible for the overall supervision of projects and funding applications, monitoring funding opportunities, preparing proposals and co-ordinating and managing EU-funded projects.

She has a background in sociology.

She is passionate about equal opportunities and personal growth.

Xenofon Chalatsis

Project manager

Xenofon has worked with the Athens Lifelong Learning Institute since its foundation, as a researcher and project assistant.

He has participated in more than 15 EU-funded projects where Athens Lifelong Learning Institute acts either as lead organisation or partner.

 He has a background in psychology, adult learning and new learning methodologies. He speaks Greek, English, Spanish and French.

Isidora Davidoula Mytilinaiou

Researcher and Trainer

Isidora joined the Athens Lifelong Learning Institute since its foundation, in 2017 and today she is a senior researcher. 

Isidora has more than 10 years of professional and voluntary work experience with civil society organisations. She has worked and lived more than 10 years in the UK.

She has a background in social and political sciences and she is currently studying for her executive doctorate degree at the Centre for Charity Effectiveness of the Cass Business School. She speaks Greek, English, German and French.

Pantelis Stergios

Financial Manager

Pantelis Sterios has been serving Athens Lifelong Learning Institute since 2017 as a financial officer.  He has financially managed over 20 EU-funded projects.Pantelis’ has a solid background in financial management and accounting.

Nikolaos Magoulas

Researcher and Trainer

Nikolaos joined the Athens Lifelong Learning Institute team in 2019 and now is one of its most active researchers and trainers. 

Nikolaos contributes to the Institute’s projects through his solid background in psychology and scholarly personality. He conducts detailed and in-depth research, manages heavy bibliography and has been very close to science communication and language.  He has worked in psychology labs for more than four years and is an adept user of all relevant research softwares.

Nikolaos has a degree in psychology and a degree in International and European studies. He speaks Greek, English and German.

Denny Toufexi

Graphic Designer

Denny joined the Athens Lifelong Learning Institute in 2019. She is responsible for the design of the Athens Lifelong Learning Institute’s materials. She works both for the print and digital industries. She is fast and efficient with an eye for the detail she always delivers a top result.

The Athens Lifelong Learning Institute is what it is today thanks to the colleagues who, for a shorter or longer period of time chose to be a part of our team. 

Thank you Eleni, Vangelis, George, Olga, Kalliopi, Myrsini, Athina, Tatiana, Evangelia. 

Our volunteers have also been a continuous source of strength, inspiration and hope. 

Thank you Kostas, Vasiliki, Georgia.

A special thanks goes to all the young people who chose the Athens Lifelong Learning Institute to obtain their first professional experiences, our interns. 

Thank you Ioanna, Nikolaos, Anna and Anargyros.  

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