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In Greece, Roma communities live in conditions of extreme marginalization, social exclusion, poverty and discrimination. Their integration into society remains a protracted and unresolved challenge. The IS4R project aims to address the specific need of Roma students for educational social inclusion by presenting a model of democratic and inclusive school development which is based on human rights principles and guidelines for intercultural learning. This project constitutes the very first attempt of the Greek educational system – represented by the relevant organization of the Ministry of Education – to undertake a whole school approach to the social inclusion of Roma.

Instead of focusing on the child as the problem, it puts at the heart of its action the education system and its capacity to respond to the needs of Roma children, to celebrate differences and to support their learning experience. The starting point of the IS4R project is that change needs to be reflected at school level and in the environment of the children. A real link with the non-formal education and the support of families and communities has to be established so as to create a shift in education – for the benefit of Roma studentsinclusive education practices for the migrant students.


  • The School needs analysis report

  • The handbook “Roma Inclusive Schools Guidelines”, 

  • The supplementary teaching and learning material [videos, trainer materials, handouts, etc.],

  • The “Roma Mediators Guide”


  • Needs analysis reports for schools with Roma students
  • Development of the handbook Roma Inclusive Education Guidelines and the Roma Mediators Guide
  • Collection of the supplementary teaching and learning material [videos, handouts, presentations].
  • The training of the Roma Education Mediators
  • Implementation of the Roma Inclusive School methodology in a total of twenty (20) schools for a whole academic year.
  • In-School Capacity Building activities.
  • Recommendations and plans to ensure the ongoing use, development and implementation of the inclusive education methodology on a sustainable basis.


  • Institute of Educational Policy (Greece) –
  • Antirropon (Greece)
  • New Horizons of Greek Roma
  • Athens Lifelong Learning Institute (Greece)

More Information

Date of the Project:

2020- 2022

Funding programme:

Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme, Call: REC-AG-2019


Roma students
inclusive education
Whole school approach


Maria Menegaki

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