The Deep Network moves on cooperatively and effectively!

The Deep Network project, in which the Athens Lifelong Learning Institute participates together with the Arctic University of Norway in Tromso and the German NGO Interchange, had its first hub meeting on 2 June, in which marine scientists, adult trainers and citizens interested in environmental protection had the opportunity to exchange views and plan strategies.

This project, co-funded by the European Erasmus+ programme, aims to support ocean sustainability, in line with the policy and guidelines of the European Green Deal, by facilitating access to scientific knowledge on marine research for all interested citizens through adult education.

A happy consequence of the first hub meeting was the creation of a  Deep Network group on LinkedIn to provide space for further discussion. We look forward for you to engage and contribute in this effort with your own new thoughts and ideas.

For more information, please read the June newsletter and visit the project website, where you can sign up to join the Deep Network and help us make a difference in protecting our oceans.

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