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July, 2022

The journey is ending but our voyage it's just starting !

Through the last 34 months, the Schools4Inclusion project, within a partnership composed of five European countries and counting with six partners, made this journey together on a quest to improve the standards of inclusion within the school system. And although our endeavor proved to be harder than initially forecasted, with the majority of the project crossing the COVID-19 pandemics, we have reached our goals and performed our objectives to deliver what we strongly believe its “an effective strategy for the evolution of the school into an inclusive environment, conducive to the successful integration of children of migrant background”.

In a time of hardships and uncertainties, namely for those who were our main target, children of migrant background that year by year with their families do their most to succeed and build their dreams within the european educational system, we have endured and persisted on our work to bring about an “Inclusive Education Whole-School Approach” that focus on the children’s needs and supports the school and the community in all “those dimensions of school life which may have an impact on educational achievement”, to create an environment that fosters and welcomes diversity, understands the “needs of all learners”, cherishes their participation on the learning process and enables measures that reduce school exclusion thus providing for all an opportunity by raising “the quality of the education for migrant children”.

And we made this together through Europe. Together with teachers and educators. Together with families and learners. Together with policy makers and the civil society. In all, the project involved, through the past 34 months, 132 teachers, 62 educators, 427 families, 823 learners and 58 organizations ranging from policy makers, trainers, volunteers, social educators, NGOs to local authorities. In all, we delivered three action plans in schools by country in a total of fifteen and we built through the process networks who will last and provide the essential base for the project outcomes to spread and root. And we did through engagement, involvement, cooperation and participation, bridging gaps and aligning views to reach a common understanding of the needs and challenges we all face and, fundamentally, of the absolute priority we all must give to inclusion as the essential fabric for social cohesion and economic development.

And with this, we now have an open framework and a set of tools that are there for all to use and explore. It’s available here and it’s up for grabs. Visit it and take part of this voyage that’s now starting. Cause we need all and we count with all to make it real, to have a school for inclusion where we all can fulfill our dreams and reach for the future, together, as we did in this journey we are now ending.

If you want to know more about our project, follow us through our social media pages on instagram, facebook and twitter and get to know us through our website,  or send us an email: Schools4Inclusion@ To discover the toolkit go to:


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