Teacher Training on Inclusive Education

During the period of 27 to 29 of October, the Schools4Inclusion project partners and representatives from the Portuguese, Spanish, English, Greek and Romanian schools participating in the project, met in Barcelona for this training event, hosted by the University of Pompeu Fabra.

On the first day, project partners and the participating schools introduced themselves and presented their schools’ needs analysis on the educational inclusion of students from disadvantaged backgrounds. In the course of the second day, participants explored the toolkit of the project and the schools presented the methodologies they already implement in order to include all students in their environments. Moreover, they participated in an educational visit to the area where the Spanish schools intend to implement their action plans, involving the whole local community. During the third day, project partners approached and commented on the action plans developed by the participating schools, and decided on the next steps for the application of the Schools4Inclusion approach.

The practical and useful information introduced during the training event gave the schools the opportunity to acquire the necessary tools for the development of their action plans to involve the whole school community and include all students. This was an extremely interesting experience for everyone and a good starting point for the next phases of the project.

The following schools participated in the training event: 

  1. Liceul Tehnologic Nr. 1
  2. Școala Bughea de Jos
  3. Primary School of Papados Yera Lesvos
  4. 4th High School of Elefsis
  5. Welocalize / Bogazici University
  6. 3rd Upper Secondary School of Nea Philadelphia “Miltos  Kountouras”
  7. Hamstead Hall Academy
  8. St John Wall Catholic School
  9. Yew Tree Community School
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