Youth2Unite Measurement Tool

The following document entitled “Youth2Unite Measurement Tool” is an integral part of the prevention measures provided in the context of the Youth2Unite project. It consists of a series of tools used by youth workers and young people during the emplementation of the Youth2Unite training process on online hate speech and hate crimes.

Youth2Unite aims to:
  • Reduce discrimination, improve intercultural communication, raise awareness about different identities and increase active citizenship;
  • Tackle hatred and stigmatization of particular ethnic and religious communities (e.g. bias against Roma and Sinti, bias against Muslims, Anti-Semitism etc.);
  • Prevent and combat hateful behaviors, hate crime and serious forms of hate speech against LGBTIQA* communities;
  • Promote tolerance, mutual understanding, social cohesion, and support the fight against racism and xenophobia by cultivating critical thinking to people both youth workers and young people;
  • Develop transversal skills and competencies in order to support quality youth work and young people’s active intervention.
  • Provide youth workers with tools in order to raise awareness and build capacity on preventing and combating hate crime and hate speech biases and stereotypes;
  • Challenge hate-motivated attitudes and hateful behaviors among young people;
  • Equip youth workers and young people with specific skills to address issues pertinent to hate crime and hate speech and respond to signs of prejudice and hate;
  • Empower young people and enhance their critical thinking towards assuming responsibility and making informed choices to bystander intervention when a hate-driven incident occurs.
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