Skills4Life Curriculum

The Skills4Life Curriculum aims to provide the learning context that will encourage young offenders to delve into the ways they may experience a more fulfilling life and to pull the triggers that may unleash the power hidden within them in order to effect any change they desire. Moreover, the Skills4Life Curriculum aims to provide the context for the discussion of a series of everyday issues that young offenders will have to deal with both in the prison environment and upon release.
The content of the Curriculum is comprised of four (4) distinct modules, as follows:

  • Module 1. Being Yourself: The purpose of Module 1 is to focus on the young person feeling empowered in themselves as individuals.
  • Module 2. Building Relationships: the aim of this Module is to support prisoners to maintain their relationships and to further enhance them by building an encouraging vision of their future, which will not include offending.
  • Module 3. Life Skills: This Module focuses on “applied” life skills, aiming to prepare young offenders to make practical decisions about their everyday life experiences.
  • Module 4. Moving on: This Module focuses on the practical aspects of life after release and their effective planning as a means to reduce the prospects of reoffending and therefore to reduce recidivism and promote desistance.
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