Mentor+ – Youth Mentoring programme to prevent juvenile offending




The Mentor+ project is focused on designing an intervention of non-formal education, offering the mentoring methodology to engage, connect and empower young people in conflict with the law.
The main idea is to recruit law abiding adults to support juveniles in the process of developing positive attitudes and behaviors. Mentor+ will also develop a mobile application to support the coordination of the mentoring processes and bring flexibility and scalability potential to the project results.

  • A Mentoring -Programme for justice-involved Youth, supported by a guide that can be delivered in any NGO that works with young offenders/ youth at risk.

  • The Mentors’ Handbook for mentoring justice-involved youth to better adjust the mentoring sessions according to the needs of each child.

  • The Mentor+ -mobile application to support the mentoring programmes in partners’ countries.


– Design and piloting of a mentoring programme for justice-involved youth in order to avoid their incarceration/ institutionalization

– Development of a Handbook for mentors to support them in mentoring justice-involved youth

– Creation and piloting of a mobile application, available in 6 different European languages, to support mentors and mentees and facilitate e-mentoring

  • Beyond the Horizon International Strategic Studies Group vzw (Belgium- coordinator)
  • Amadora Inovation Em Unipessoal LDA (Portugal)
  • Aproximar (Portugal)
  • Asociatia Vis Juventum (Romania)
  • I and F Education and Development (Ireland)
  • European Association for Social Inovation (Romania)
  • De Touter Vzw (Belgium)
  • San Giuseppe Onlus (Italy)
  • Athens Lifelong Learning Institute (Greece)

More Information

Date of the Project:

2022 – 2025

Funding programme:

Erasmus +, Key Action 02, Cooperation partnerships in youth


Youth Mentoring, e-Mentor ing, Justice - Involved Youth


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