Right After Care – Capacity Building and Training for Professionals in Alternative Care in Greece

Right After Care


The Right After Care project aims at the development and delivery of an integrated approach in dealing with the preparedness of care leavers to face the challenges of living an independent adult life. This approach mainly involves the acquisition and development of certain life skills among the population of minors who are preparing to leave the care structure where they reside, in order to make their first steps as adults effectively and successfully. The project is premised on the idea that investing in, and adequately resourcing, the acquisition of basic life skills for prospective care leavers is the single most important component for after care success and independence. The Right After Care project develops and undertakes a comprehensive strategy to better enable care-experienced children in Greece to achieve their potential and deliver improvements in their educational, social and economic outcomes. To this end, the project supports care and education professionals to develop the necessary competences to adequately prepare care leavers for their life after care.


  • National report on the educational needs of care leavers in the field of life skills
  • The Aftercare Life Skills Curriculum for the delivery of the educational activities targeted at care leavers
  • The Aftercare Life Skills Handbook and the Trainers’ Guide, as the tools to support trainers and trainees in the project’s educational activities
  • The Mentoring Protocol, an extensive guide for the design and implementation of the project’s mentoring activities
  • The Aftercare Plans, which provide the steps to be taken by each participating care leaver individually, based on their goals and aspirations.


  • Research on the educational and support needs of care leavers related to life skills and adulthood
  • Training of one hundred (100) care professionals on the delivery of life skills education to care leavers
  • Educational workshops for six hundred (600) care leavers aged 16- 18 years old for the acquisition of life skills
  • Mentoring activities for twenty five (25) care leavers, focusing on their After Care Plans.


  • ARSIS – Association for the Social Support of Youth
  • Civis Plus NGO
  • Athens Lifelong Learning Institute

More Information

Date of the Project:

2018- 2020

Funding programme:

Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014- 2020)


Social Inclusion, Care Leavers, Life skills, Vulnerable social groups, Alternative care



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