European Mediacoach Initiative

European Mediacoach Initiative


The European Mediacoach Initiative aims to improve the skills of children and young people on issues related to the use of the new electronic media, with a special focus on the internet and the social media through the training of adults who have daily contact with them, such as their parents and teachers. Media literacy, which is the main pillar of the project, encompasses the skills that any active citizen must have in order to search, manage, organize, analyze, evaluate and understand the amount of information that comes from digital media and technological applications. The Initiative involves the transfer of the award-winning Dutch project Dutch Mediacoach into the European reality and includes research activities on digital literacy levels in the participating countries as well as educational activities aimed at adults who educate and guide children in their daily lives.


  • Ten training files (the Dossiers) on topics such as privacy, internet addictions, cyberbullying, hate speech, fake news and cyber-propaganda
  • Interactive educational material to support practices and activities carried out by the Media Coaches
  • Training and support of Media Coaches for actions and interventions targeted at children and adolescents
  • Preparation and development of relevant Action Plans for each Media Coach
  • Research on media literacy levels in Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria and Portugal
  • Training of the trainers who will undertake the Mediacoach seminars
  • Development of educational materials on a variety of topics related to the use of new digital media
  • Mediacoach training seminars for 100 people in each participating country
  • Scientific publications and articles on the need to guide young people in the use of new media and the ways to achieve it.


  • European University Cyprus (coordinator)

  • Cyprus Pedagogical Institute, Cyprus

  • National Academy for Media & Society, Netherlands

  • European Association for Viewers Interests, Belgium

  • Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, Bulgaria

  • Active Watch, Romania

  • University Institute of Lisbon, Portugal

  • Athens Lifelong Learning Institute, Greece

More Information

Date of the Project:

2017- 2021

Funding programme:

Erasmus +


Media literacy
Media coach
New media
Active citizenship


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