Results of the online Information Meeting-Workshop on


(Regional Directorates of Education of Attica and Central Greece)

On Friday, April 2, 2021, an information online meeting-workshop for the Regions of Attica and Central Greece was successfully held in the framework of the project “Inclusive Schools for Roma”, which is implemented with the co-financing of the European Program “Rights, Equality and Citizenship” (Grant Agreement, number : 881953 – Inclusive Schools REC- AG-2019 / REC-RDIS-DISC-AG-2019).

The meeting was co-organized by the Institute for Educational Policy, the Athens Lifelong Learning Institute, the AMKE Antirropon and the Cultural Association New Horizons of Greek Roma.

Due to the pandemic restrictions, the meeting took place online with around more than 120 people attending it, including education executives, policy makers and relevant stakeholders, teachers, mediators, members of Roma associations.

Policy makers and stakeholders in the fields of educational and social policy, academics and local government officials greeted the meeting. Their participation reflects the “architecture”, the design and the philosophy of the “Inclusive Schools for Roma” project that promotes a holistic school approach and the cultivation of a culture of collaboration and reflection, as a means to achieve this approach.

The Secretary General of Social Solidarity and the Fight against Poverty (Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs), Mr. G. Stamatis, addressed a greeting and referred to the “National Strategy for Social Inclusion of Roma 2021-2027”.

The Governor of Attica, Mr. G. Patoulis, presented the initiatives of the local authorities for the support of the Roma, emphasizing the need for cooperation. Mr. K. Efthimiou, Deputy Mayor of Social Solidarity of the Municipality of Halandri, representing the Mayor of Halandri, presented the relevant actions developed and implemented by the Municipality of Halandri.

The Regional Director of Education of Attica, Mr. G. Kosyvas, and the Regional Director of Education of Central Greece, Ms. E. Beniata, also addressed the meeting and pointed out the efforts of the educational community to achieve the educational integration of Roma children.

The role of the Ombudsman and the need for continuous and permanent support for the education of Roma children was mentioned by Mr. Chr. Parthenis, Faculty Member of EKPA and Scientific Officer of the Program “Supportive interventions in Roma communities to enhance access and reduce dropout of education by children and adolescents” 

Read more at the Inclusive School 4 Roma project website

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