Multiplier Event: Digital Skills, Environment, Entrepreneurship and Education

Date: 25 November 2023
Location: Community Centre of Plataies
Time: 17:00

You are invited to the Erasmus+ Multiplier Event on “Digital Skills, Environment, Entrepreneurship and Education, Training Opportunities and Entrepreneurship Support” to be held on Saturday the 25th of November at Plataies Community Centre at 17:00. The event is organised by the Athens Lifelong Learning Institute in cooperation with the Cultural Association of Plataies.

The educational opportunities offered by the European Union in the fields of Digital Skills, Entrepreneurship, Environment and Education will be presented. In particular, the projects that will be presented are the following:

  • Remote Work: Enhancing digital skills for remote working.
  • Transform: Transitioning businesses into the digital age.
  • Augmented Assessment: Using augmented and virtual reality in education.
  • Saving: Food waste and food security.
  • Escape2: Strengthening thematic tourism in rural areas.

The participants will be informed about recent research in these fields and about training opportunities by accessing asynchronous tele-learning platforms. In addition, you will be introduced to digital tools that you will be able to use for your employment and professional development.

Both children and adults will also have the opportunity to try out virtual reality (VR) goggles and learn about their capabilities!

Local producers will display their products during the event.

There will also take place wine, beer and local products tasting.


    For further information and applications, you can contact the Athens Lifelong Learning Institute at 2110138400 or

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