Mental Health Awareness in Criminal Justice

Join us on a learning journey on how to


You will have access to the AWARE Study Manual and
other resources, engage in group discussions and participate in weekly webinars on the following themes:

  • Mental Health Awareness in prison
  • What could / should I (or my colleagues) do as a non-experi- enced professional/ volunteer?
  • What resources do I have?
  • Mental Health as a primary key to (re)integration

The AWARE training on mental health awareness in prisons kicks off on Thursday November 5th.

To whom is this training addressed? Prison staff, probation services, civil society organisations and volunteers who work with former prisoners.

Where does the training take place? On the AWARE Community of practice on EPALE. 

Already registered? Join the community of practice here.

Not yet registered? Create your account on EPALE here and then join the AWARE community of practice.

For more details on the project visit our website at:
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