Invitation for Parents to participate in the training sessions which will take place from October 2022 to December 2022

The Athens Lifelong Learning Institute organizes a series of training sessions for parents on media literacy, within the context of the European SafeOnline Initiative (ESOI).

The thematic fields of these sessions are:

  1. Internet and Privacy
  2. Social media
  3. Online gaming
  4. Cyberbullying
  5. Online relations and sexuality

The sessions will provide parents the opportunity to gain confidence in the new digital reality to which their children are exposed every day and to develop skills and knowledge on how to support them and ensure their safety while using the internet.

Each session will cover one of the above thematic fields and will last two (2) hours. Parents will be given the opportunity to choose as many of the thematic fields as they wish.

The training sessions will take place between October 2022 and December 2022 in participating schools.

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    What is the European SafeOnline Initiative (ESOI)?

    The European SafeOnline Initiative (ESOI) is a European project based on the award-winning Flemish SafeOnline Initiative, created and developed by Child Focus and Gezinsbond aiming at the improvement of media literacy levels of children and young people through the training of their parents. Emphasis is placed on understanding the risks encountered in digital environments and on developing the skills to avoid them with a vision of a safer internet

    More information for the project you may find here:

    The training sessions will take place in participating schools

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