European report on mental health issues in the population of prisoners and ex-prisoners.

As part of the European project titled AWARE (Cross-sectoral awareness building on mental health needs in the criminal justice system and on release), the Athens Lifelong Learning Institute, in collaboration with project partners, has released an extensive report on the educational needs of the professionals working in correctional institutions across Europe, regarding mental health issues among the population of prisoners and ex-prisoners. Based on extensive research which took place in 6 European countries, the report presents the current situation regarding the response of the criminal justice system personnel to prisoners and ex-prisoners who face mental health issues. The report will form the basis upon which the training curriculum for these professionals will be built, so that they are trained to better be prepared to deal with such issues effectively and efficiently. The report also targets at the general public so as to raise awareness on the double stigma of incarceration and mental health problems. 

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