Are you a young farmer, entrepreneur or professional in the field of tourism?


Do you have a business in a rural area and are you looking for European funding, new knowledge and understanding of the digital transition in the primary sector?


Wondering where to start and how to get there?


The free educational seminars of the Athens Lifelong Learning Institute on the support of rural tourism, the development of small and medium enterprises and cooperative networks, environmental sustainability and the digital transition in the primary sector, are carried out in the framework of the actions of the project “ESCAPE2 – Support of the Transnational Thematic for Tourism” which is implemented in 9 countries (Ireland, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Romania, Greece, Turkey) with the co-financing of the European Erasmus+ program.

The training seminars offered in this cycle and developed as a pan-European collective effort by us and our partners are as follows:

  •  Potential For Rural Tourism in your Region (8 hours)
  • Different Models of Rural Tourism: The tourist product (14 hours)
  • Rural tourism business strategy (8 hours)
  •  Stimulating demand– tools to develop a pipeline of new Agri/adventure/ food/ recreation/hospitality/ guides entrepreneurs inyour region (10 hours)
  • Supporting the Development of Thematic Rural Tourism Strategies Access to resources – public funding, crowdfunding possibilities and attracting corporate sponsors (15 hours)
  • Collaborations and communities (25 hours)
  • Environmental sustainability: Focus on Rural Tourism SMEs in Europe (15 hours)
  • Digitalization and being commercially available online (10 hours)
  • Accessibility and inclusiveness (10 hours)

The training program is aimed at young farmers, professionals active in rural areas, executives, workers and owners of tourism businesses, NGO and other civil society actors, start-ups and any other person interested in further education and training.

Registrations have been completed

For further information and applications, you can contact the Athens Lifelong Learning Institute at 2110138400 or

The seminars will be implemented online while at the same time the possibility of asynchronous training will be provided. Upon their completion, a relevant certificate of participation will be provided.

For more information about the ESCAPE2 project, here:

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