Working at the Athens Lifelong Learning Institute is so much more than just a job.

Our culture is based on the spirit of togetherness, enthusiasm and professional commitment. We come from different academic backgrounds, but we share the inspiring vision of “a Society in which the concept of lifelong learning promotes the empowerment, growth and inclusion for all”.

As a member of the Athens Lifelong Learning staff, you will join an international team of professionals made up by a wide range of profiles, skills and qualifications – a very concrete and positive example of intercultural understanding and open European values.

We’re always looking for people who have the desire to learn and grow personally and professionally right along with the Institute. All candidates must meet the following Athens Lifelong Learning Institute’s general minimum requirements for project managers:

knowledge of English language (at least level c1);
knowledge of Greek language (at least level c1);
a 2-years structured experience in project management;
attitude for teamwork in an international environment;
availability to travel and to business trip assignments.

If interested you may fill in the form below:

Personal Information

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Previous Relevant Professional Experience

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Curriculum Vitae

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