SAVING: Educating youth on food security and reduction of food waste for a sustainable lifestyle

A team of experts from five European countries – Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Turkey and Greece – works together for this promising project. This partnership proves how relevant the challenges addressed are for many contents and how important it is to deal with such issues transnationally. The OERs will be available both in English in the national languages of the partners -Italian, Spanish, Greek and Turkish- and will be freely accessible to all – young people, youth workers and the general public.

“Food waste is an enormous ecological and social challenge that must be addressed urgently”. “It is vital to ensure that the food we produce and buy is actually consumed, not only for our own wellbeing but also for social justice and the future of our planet. Our vision is to contribute to a less wasteful food culture and work towards a sustainable future where food waste and hunger no longer exist. For this purpose, we think that what we need is an holistic approach and therefore we want to raise awareness on a series of interconnected issues. Especially in urban spaces where food consumption is frequently individualized and done in private, this effort is also tied to our general attempt to rebuild community. After all, our survival and evolution depends on us working together”.

Maria Menegaki

| Project Coordinator |

Athens Lifelong Learning Institute

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SAVING is a new project, funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, focused on raising awareness on youth about environmental and climate-change challenges.

The project started in November 2021 and over its two-year duration partners will work together with experts to develop an e-learning platform with Open Educational Resources (OERs) on sustainability, food security and zero food waste. This platform will be available to all interested stakeholders and cover the following important topics:

  1. Sustainable environment, society, economy;
  2. Organic treatments and weather-based food production;
  3. Socio-professional wellbeing of youth;
  4. Food security and zero food waste;
  5. Sustainable strategy to reduce food waste. The OERs will be tested through transnational pilot training courses that will involve young people and youth workers interested about food security and reduction of food waste.

The project has already started with an initial analysis to identify key learning needs of young people at risk of exclusion, youth workers, local authorities and all stakeholders who work in the field of youth and community development and to raise awareness on the importance of food security and reduction of food waste.

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