Youth2Unite – Empowering Youth to Unite and Stand Up against Hate and Violence




The “Youth2Unite” project aims to combat the rise of hate crimes and hate speech across Europe and to decrease passivity towards such incidents by promoting involvement and awareness raising especially among young people. This will be achieved through a human rights-based approach that aims to both inform and engage young audiences to understand and empathize with people that suffer the results of hate-related attitudes, whether they translate into physical or psychological violence. Thus, the project aims to train young people, not only to combat, but also to recognize instances of such events, preventing them to spread in the first place and creating a welcoming context for marginalized populations.


  • Youth2Unite Curriculum addressing the issues of hate crimes and hate speech
  • Youth worker’s manual for young people working in the fields that this training is needed the most
  • Bystander Intervention Kit to improve involvement
  • Yout2Unite Measurement Tool to measure the impact of attitudes of people undertaking the training
  • Multilingual e-learning portal for widespread access to all


  • Multiplier events across partner organization’s countries
  • Training of youth workers
  • Social Media Presence


  • Pistes Solidaires (coordinator), France
  • Verein Niedersächsischer Bildungsinitiativen
    e.V., Germany
  • Synthesis Center For Research
    And Education Limited, Cyprus
  • Athens Lifelong Learning Institute, Greece
  • Back on Track (Liverpool) Limited, UK

More Information

Date of the Project:

01.11.2019 – 31.10.2021

Funding programme:

Erasmus+ KA205 - Strategic Partnerships in the Field of Youth


Youth Human Rights, Media Literacy, Social Inclusion


Nikolaos Magoula

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