Call For Mentors(1)

Call For Mentors

Be the mentor you wish you had!

Our country has received large waves of migrants and refugees in the past and continues to be a host country.

But to what extent do all these people have the potential to integrate in this new – temporary or more permanent – home?

The process of integrating populations with a migrant and refugee background is often long, and the difficulties are daunting and exhausting. Barriers such as language, culture, finding a job – especially for newcomers – are a burden that deprives them of quality and normality in their daily lives.

In the context of the MUFOCOM project, the Athens Lifelong Learning Institute invites those who wish to take on the role of a mentor and contribute to the integration of a person with an immigrant or refugee background to register for the mentoring programme it implements.

Priority will be given to those who have been in a similar position, having left their home country themselves in the past, as they know the circumstances and needs from the inside and their contribution may prove valuable.

The mentors will undergo a short training and will receive all the necessary instructions so that each of them can then take on a mentor.

Mentor and mentee will hold a number of meetings, establishing a relationship of trust and cooperation in order to give the mentee the support he/she needs for the issues he/she will face while living in our country.

Throughout the meetings, our team will be there to guide you.

The call refers to those who live in Athens.

If you would like to be the mentor you would like to have, sign up here:


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