GreenHeritage, protecting the foundations of our culture

The GreenHeritage project, in which the Athens Lifelong Learning Institute participates as a partner, aims to develop a holistic, innovative and inclusive approach to combat the direct and indirect impact of climate change on intangible cultural heritage, an important issue that has received little to no attention.

By intangible cultural heritage we refer to intangible forms of culture, such as practices and experiences, rituals, storytelling and oral histories, languages, songs, dances, culinary traditions and raw materials, festivals, skills, etc. that leave no material traces but hold inestimable value for European identity and culture, for our past and our future.

In recent decades, the rapid impact of climate change has brought about natural disasters such as ice melting, rising sea levels, high temperatures and extreme weather events, thus seriously affecting various dimensions of cultural heritage.

This is therefore an important, multi-purpose and pioneering project, which will be implemented in 5 European countries (Belgium, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Greece and Spain).

Our scientific study has already identified challenges that we need to address regarding the impact of climate change on intangible cultural heritage in terms of safeguarding this heritage at national and European level. We will use digital tools and develop education and training programmes for blended learning, to secure effective action, combined with public awareness campaigns and conferences involving scientists and researchers.

You can read the press release for more information.

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