The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which went into effect on May 25, 2018, imposes strict rules on how to handle and process personal data. The enormous potential penalties for violating the data privacy and safety rules are life-threatening for any public or private institution.

DataGame develops a gamified training offer for adult education professionals. Although many larger educational institutions have implemented or updated data compliance processes in the past years, data privacy and security issues have not yet fully arrived in the European adult education landscape. 


To facilitate a harmonised and consistent compliance to data protection regulations and standards throughout the European adult education landscape, including informal education providers that work mostly with free-lance educators and therefore find it difficult to comply with quality standards. 


- Raise the standards in data privacy and safety in (online) adult teaching

- Raise adult educators’ awareness of data privacy and safety issues in (online) adult learning

- Communicate the importance of balancing innovations in learning with data privacy and safety demands

- Describe the difference between data privacy and safety in adult (online) learning


1. DataGame Awareness - Raising Brochure

Introduction to the data privacy and safety issues (online) adult learning is confronted with. 

2. DataGame Gamified Training

Video-based scenarios are used to familiarise adult educators with legal obligations and the privacy and safety needs of learners.

3. DataGame Toolbox

Contains tools for adult educators who want to implement sound data privacy and safety measures in their (online) teaching practice.


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