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Despite the significant developments made in the Criminal Justice System field (CJS), little attention has been paid to prisoners’ families and their needs during the re-entry process.
The incarceration experience has significant economic, social and psychological effects on prisoners’ families who are among the most vulnerable and disadvantaged populations in society, experiencing multidimensional and intersectional forms of inequality (Western and Pettit, 2010).
Many of the consequences on prisoners’ families can be alleviated by moderators such as the support provided by non-governmental organizations, welfare policies and social services (Condry & Smith, 2018). However, these families often lack awareness on where and how to look for this support.
The UpFamilies project aims to provide them a compendium of existing services available, from local to national, which can help them cope with the effects of imprisonment. The services’ up-to-date information will be made available using a mobile application.
At the same time, the project intends to raise awareness on the importance of capacity building of the organisations that daily work with these families, so that they can be better prepared for their unique needs.


  • Roadmap on existing programmes/services that meet the needs of prisoners’ families
  • UpFamilies´ mobile application.
  • Training Manual to mobilise community capacity to provide support and assistance to prisoners’ families
  • Educational boards with key information about fake news and how to deal with them


– Analysis of previous relevant studies and mapping of local programs/services.

– Establishment of the Expert’s Board which will consist of elders and persons who work with elders and will provide their opinion on the material developed

– Provision of educational material and attractive products to people who work with elders that can be used even after the end of the project


  • Fundación Diagrama Intervención Psicosocial  (Spain – Coordinator) 
  • Aproximar – Cooperativa de Solidariedade Social (Portugal)
  • Asociata Vis Juventum (Romania)
  • European Strategies Consulting (Romania)
  • Athens Lifelong Learning Institute (Greece)
  • Interchange Non-Profit gUG (Germany)
  • Mundo da Carolina – Associação de Apoio a Crianças e Jovens (Portugal)

More Information

Date of the Project:

2021 - 2024

Funding programme:

Erasmus +, Key Action 02, Cooperation partnerships in adult education


Criminal Justice System, Prison Education, Media Literacy, Social Inclusion



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